Looking for interior Parts And ADVICE!!!


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Jun 16, 2016
Burlington, ON, CAN
Hey Guys,

I just purchased a 1970 Z28 RS.

But it needs a whole new interior.

Dash (all pieces), console, steering wheel, you name it.

I have purchased a few things already, but I find myself leaning toward a deluxe interior with the wood grain accents. ( I know I'm a glutton for punishment).

I am also trying to buy as much original pieces as possible.

Does it matter?

There is the interior kits online which have everything I need (except for the wood grain door skins). Anyone had experiences with these.

The bottom half of my dash is salvageable, what about dying this?

Basically, I want my interior to look stock, period correct, and new.

Any advice is appreciated.

Chris in Canada
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Jun 22, 2016
I switched my 70 from the tan/black interior to all black and picked up all the parts from Rick's Camaros and Classic Industries. I didn't use a kit since I had some salvageable parts as well (like the bottom dash). You might have trouble with the steering wheel. I still have my original, but it would need to be completely refurbished (there are people who do this, but it's not cheap), so I opted to get the available replacement, which doesn't match the original horn shroud (the original had the horn as all one piece - the available ones have the two horn buttons on the side). If you're dealing with a color other than black or tan, you might also have trouble getting all the parts in the right color.


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Jan 22, 2012
Chicago, Illinois
Welcome. IMHO Pretty much anything you want is obtainable with some items being pricier than others. Some of the interior items you want are 70 & 71 only of you are a stickler for detail. I saw that you said "everything" but I would start by making some decisions about what you want as far as color and then making a comprehensive list of the parts you need. Become informed if you aren't already; do a lot of reading on this site as there is an existing wealth of information here. Member Hoov81 as well as many others including myself probably have the parts you need. Good luck!


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Mar 13, 2006
Nobody reproduces the Deluxe Interior for 70-71. The panels show up time to time, but really good ones easily grab $1000, and fixer-uppers get $3-$400 and restoration takes another $1000. You also need different ( and pricier) door pulls and the window regulators are different and not reproduced. Figure another $150 for rebuildable regulators. The standard interior is a lot easier and far less $.


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Jun 16, 2016
Burlington, ON, CAN
Thanks everyone, I have purchased a full interior kit. But looking like I will probably need some minor pieces. I will be working on this throughout the winter so I will keep you updated.


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