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Looks Like Winter Has Arrived


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Feb 26, 2004
Bloomington, MN
The commute home was a breeze... Only 20 minutes to get home! :D
MNDOT did a great job clearing 3" of greasy crap from the freeways today.

The temp had dropped to single digits by the time I got home.
I suited up (-10 wind chill) and cleared almost 5000 sq/ft of driveway by 6:00 PM! (My neighbor's and mine.)

This snow stuff really isn't so bad if you have the proper clothing and equipment to move it. ;)


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Oct 1, 2016
Waupaca WI
Lucky you on the commute. did manage to cut 15 mins off the ride home just because the cars were not so bunched up. but when you only run into 5 cars driving through the country roads to get home that's not saying much.

Figured you rocked it with the blower ;) but my trusty shovel only cost me a Miller Lite afterwards....lol

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Aug 28, 2013
helena mt
That might be North Dakota. I have 55" of snow on the ground here.

man, i have seen some weird weather here; it has snowed in june, we hit a national record of being colder than antartica, ive had mornings where ive cleared 2 feet of snow off the car for work and when im off work its 60 and dry, ive seen dust storms, tumble weed has the right of way, and 110 for weeks straight... i live in a bowl right next to the contanental divide, with a space of about 10 miles of flatland there is mountains 360 degrees all around us, im pretty sure we have our own biospire, cross over any of the mountains and its green all summer, us we are brown or snow