LS6 to t56 parts list

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    As stated in the title I'm looking to install a 98-2002 t56 to the ls6 I pulled from a wrecked vette. I just wanted to run through a list of parts. I'm mainly looking for recommendations on cross-members and etc. If something in the parts list should be changed let me know. I understand some of the brackets like the DSE supposedly do now work on an 80 & 81 due to the location of the fuse box.

    From Donor:
    t56 and bell housing
    slave/master(Might replace if it looks rough)
    (also taking fans and brakes from donor)

    New ls7 clutch, flywheel, and pilot

    Harness: PSI

    Crossmember: Not sure, if anyone knows which one fits well and doesn't cost a fortune, I am open to suggestions.

    Bracket for MC: Speedtech

    Pedals: I have an automatic, so I'll try to buy some used or reproduction second gen.

    Driveshaft: I'm not sure yet. I'll need to measure and decide if I want to modify the stock one or build one. To my understanding the 4th gen fbody's shaft is too short to be usable.
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    It’s pretty straight forward. Never heard of fuse box issues with the MC bracket. The SpeedTech bracket is the same as the DSE one. Should work just fine. I like the idea of a aluminum shaft from Shaftmasters or Inland Empire. Look to Bowler Transmission for the crossmember. Reproduction pedal is fine, that’s what I have (I like the 70-72 larger foot pad). I see no issues with PSI or a factory LS7 clutch.
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