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Mar 24, 2022
I would say that your lug nuts are aftermarket because they are 13/16" hex. Also, I do not believe that the factory installed chrome Z28 lug nuts were stamped with the thread size. Your 3/4" lug nut wrench may (or may not) be original for your car. Is there a "O", "U", or other letter forged on the lug head? Compare it to the 1973 Camaro lug nut wrench in my photo. If you do want a 13/16" lug nut wrench I will check my collection and see if I have one that is close to the same dimensions (18", 4", 21" diagonal) as the 1973 lug nut wrench in my photo. If interested, $10 plus shipping. I can provide photos with dimensions.
I really do appreciate the expert opinion on this forum and if needed I'll replace the lug nuts with the correct one's if need be.
But other owners with original cars have stated they also have 13/16 lug nuts, so I'm in a tough spot here.


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May 5, 2007
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My 1971-1973 Camaro Assembly Manuals list GM # 3987070 as the part number for the lug nut wrench.
My 1972 Chevrolet Parts Catalog (for 1972 models only, dated Feb. 1972) lists the in Gr. 8.821:
"72 All (exc. Pass.)..............3987070" and described as "WRENCH (3/4" wheel nuts)"


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Mar 17, 2002
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....I'll replace the lug nuts with the correct one's if need be....
FYI, original 'assembly line' style 'jacketed' lug nuts for 70-74+ / 5 spoke wheels

Original jacketed lug nut styles 70-74.PNG
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Mar 24, 2022
Thanks for the picture. The one's on my car look more like the 1974-Up ones. Just another item to try and find but at least the lug nut wrench is the correct size that came with the car. :)
It's likely not original but would work if needed.


Jun 3, 2021
Hey Dave, while you’re looking through your lug wrench collection I am looking for a wrench and any other bumper jack components for a 73 you may have available.All I have is a jack cover.
Sorry for hi jacking the thread…


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Feb 26, 2004
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Are these the correct replacements?
They look like a hybrid between the early and late 2nd gen lug nuts (post #23).

They will fit and they are closer to factory than the larger chrome plated nuts.
A car show judge will spot the difference. (If you're ever entered in points judging.)

Not many other people would notice the difference unless they had originals in their hand to compare.


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Mar 24, 2022
It looks like I won't find OER lug nuts that match the originals but at least these might be the correct lug nut size!

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