Lynn's 71 Project


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Mar 18, 2013
Pearland, texas
id take the deck lid off and measure the distance to the top flat part of the bracket in the closed position to see if the passenger side is bent somehow.


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May 26, 2011
Spring, Texas
I was able to massage a small part of the ChinaCorn decklid that was rubbing on the inside of the trunk. After a few more adjustments I was able to get the decklid to seat a little better.

It's still not perfect, but I am moving in the right direction. I was working on the decklid fitment while my inner fenders were drying.




I am also fighting a high spot on the passenger side quarter that I noticed had some cracking in the filler. Bodywork sucks.



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May 26, 2011
Spring, Texas
Amen! That looks a little nasty...

I suspected that the repop decklid was off. Is it me or does the quarter panel bodyline there droop a little, too? Could just be optical delusion.
The style-line (or bodyline) on that rear section of the passenger side has been a pain in the neck. I would have to check to see if I have any pictures from when I was pulling the paint off. There was quite a bite of filler on the metal from someone who did a bad repair from years before. I have tried to get the body line perfect using filler myself, but it is not laser straight. I am considering cutting it and installing a quarter skin. The pain in the neck is the quarter skin runs anywhere between $100-$120. The shipping is $65 on a $120 part. What a pain.


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May 26, 2011
Spring, Texas
I have a spreadsheet of "everything" I've spent, meaning most everything but surely not everything. Talk about pain!
I should have kept a log of what I have spent. I want to think that I am in the black instead of the red after doing all the bodywork myself.

There is a guy in my area that places orders for sheet metal parts from the reproduction manufacturers. Once his orders reaches a certain threshold he gets free shipping. So I have gotten a few sheet metal parts from him and it is typically the same cost as it would be if I were to order something from Classic Industries without having to pay for shipping. Unfortunately you are then at the mercy of having to wait until his order reaches a certain threshold which can take over a month.

I am going to try to clean up the style line one more time and then make the executive decision as to if I should bite the bullet and replace the skin or say screw it and spay color on it.


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Dec 30, 2019
good morning your 71 project looks great looks like your doing great job . I just finished my 71 R/S Z 2/8 after 3years of frame off everything restored or replaced. I have some left over parts you that i'am selling. if there something your looking for please let me know. I have some nos and some used parts. thanks Doug.


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Sep 6, 2013
Cincinnati, Ohio
Hello all. My name is Lynn. I live in Spring, Texas and have a 71 Camaro that is in desperate need of fixing. I bought the car back in 2010, and am just getting around to working on it. Although it has been a tough journey to get where I am at right now, I am not going to complain. I'm here, I have a car and it's time that it gets completed. I have frequented this forum for quite a while and have really been inspired to get started on this project.

I figured that I should start taking pictures of the car before I get any further.
View attachment 47194

My wife bought me the cowl hood a while back. I was able to remove it and store it safely in the garage right after taking this picture. View attachment 47195

Horrible racing stripes from previous owner.
View attachment 47196

These are the seats that came with it. They almost look to be out of a fourth gen Camaro, but the red and black leather are hardly stock. I am not going to reuse these, so if you know someone that may be interested in them, let me know.
View attachment 47197

I pulled the motor and trans out last weekend. Nothing special, a 350 with cast iron heads and a turbo 350. The sad thing is that this car was originally a 4 speed car. The clutch pedal is still in it (more pictures to follow).

I'll post more pictures as they become available. I was able to remove the seats and carpet on Saturday, then got tied up with the World Series and Football on Saturday night/Sunday.
Looks like a great starting point, going back to a manual trans would be great, I converted the '73 from factory AT to a Super T-10 from a '79 Z/28, all bolt in parts. The trans is a 2.64:1 first gear with a 3.73:1 12-Bolt Strange Crate rear. I bought the early pedal set, like the equal size pedals versus the later tiny clutch pedal. Look forward to seeing progress!

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