Made an impulse purchase at Walmart


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Jan 17, 2007
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CasperCasper said:
I saw these on TV the other day and laughed but they have some promise. I looked into them a bit. 12500 mah (battery capacity) equates to 12.5amp hours. This means that this thing will do 150amps (typical car starter load) for around 5 minutes. The catch to that is the C rating of this battery would need to be about 13 which I would say is way high for a 10 dollar unit (The C rating is how fast this thing can discharge). Add in the resistance of the cables and other systems that will draw from it and I'd say these things are iffy at best. I'd like to know your experience though because perhaps they are high C rated cells.
The jumpers he bought for $9 are listed regular price $40.


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mrdragster1970 said:

Just asked and hers was ~$80, but she only shops at Carsons and other snooty stores.

I think I paid 80 for mine also. Some Porsche forum thread said it was the exact same one they sell at Porsche dealerships for $230.00. lol Suckers

Mines been plugged into the Camaro trunk for 4 straight months now... I doubt it's any more of a fire danger than a TV, microwave, alarm clock, etc.
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Aug 11, 2015
Li-ion batteries are one of the most dangerous things there is. I designed a controller for making multi cell packs and I was terrified to use it. Lithium is as nasty as things come and when it catches on fire you can't stop it.
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Jul 4, 2013
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Chevy 350 said:
I bought 20 of these for $9 each. I don't know wether to be proud or embarrassed :eek:
I figure I can sit on then and give them out as relatively cheap Christmas gifts but look like I went all out for people I usually only spend a few dollars on and what I don't give out for Christmas I can give to people when they help me or do me favors. I could always turn them around for an easy 50-100 percent profit too I guess didn't dress up rather oddly did you? Will we see you on "People of Walmart"


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Jan 5, 2014
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Javelin3o4 said:
I have one, not that brand though. Ive used it several times on other peoples cars, even started my sisters boyfriends bmw that had been sitting for a while with a dead battery.

This is the one I have.


That reminded me of this video.