Matching Trim Tag Build Date and VIN produciton #

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    Good morning,

    I went to look at the car last weekend in France. The impression was not the best, because there were many issues with rust and the body as well as some indicators for a botched restoration. See the fotos attached. As for originality, I couldn´t find any partial VIN on the trans housing, a foto of the glass date is attached as well - it does not seem original.

    Besides that the car drove very well and the drivetrain and engine seemed to be in a good condition. Distributor, headers and other parts were not original and some details were missing (spacers for the window handles), radio or radio delete plate. The whipers weren´t working. Long list.

    Asking price was 46,000 $ , though the seller immediatly went down to 41,000 $. As the car is now and as it is kind of a surprise bag I wouldn´t want to spend more than 32,000 $ on the car, which is probably still too much. Please feel free to make any recommendations or comments.


    Kind regards
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    If the pictures represent the worst rust that you could find rust is not a big issue especially compared to the Michigan cars I see (not so much any more as they have turned to dust). Looks like there is a lot of undercoating which can hide lots of stuff and a lot of rust usually occurs in places not shown well. Second generation Z cars tend to go for more money than the other cars, even the L78 cars (but they are catching up). Probably more than I would pay but than again I collect big block cars so it would take a hell of a deal for me to be interested. Any car no matter what it is is only worth what any given persons (the seller and buyer) on any given day can agree on. I have paid more than I would have liked for many transactions but never more than I have been willing to pay, that may have come after when hidden stuff was revealed. In this case only you and any local experts can make the call on if it is an authentic car but giving what you have mentioned about second gen Z cars not having a following there I doubt if someone in Europe would have faked it, but since it could have come from here one never knows. The gas pedal though is one thing often overlooked when "faking" a 2nd gen Z. The deluxe interior is impossible to fake unless the car came with it or there are good donor parts. Also a lot of fakes will have Z28 on the horn shroud even though the RS/Z28 was supposed to have RS on the shroud. Good luck and let us know if you buy it and how you feel after you bought it and have lived with the car.
    My best deal by the way was the 35 Ford, was my Uncles car that I was doing the paint work on. All New parts where needed and a guy in Kingsford redid the wood. Kingsford is where Ford had their wood shops and this guy worked there. Most of the work was done on the car in the 50's and the car sat in his garage or mine (undriven) until he passed and I took possession of the car (no buck deal).

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    Not sure if it's just me, but the rivets on the trim tag look pretty beat up. Looks like there is even a shade of rust in there, which leads me to believe that they were tampered with.
    Any signs of the rear bumper guards? Also looks like the rocker panel moldings are missing.

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