Mcleod! Get them here!


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Feb 11, 1999
Dawsonville Georgia
Put some packages together and publicize them. A lot of folks think MCT is a 4th gen specific place and probably don't dig deep enough to see what you have going on.

Put together some 2nd gen specific driveline packages, clutch packages, nitrous kits, etc...


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Nov 2, 1999
Arlington, WA
Do to advertising policies with some vendors we can not publish our prices becuase they are to low. I have package deals availble on nitrous kits, clutches, trannies, rearends and some suspension components like HAL/QA1 shocks.
<<On nitrous kits I can get someone setup with a basic kit for well under any price I have seen out there.>>

Arron Spitzer
Sales Rep.
Musclecar Technologies LLC
Honest Answers.........LOW PRICES!

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cold Z28

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Sep 12, 2001
Anchorage,AK USA
Hey PONYEATER I was lookig at HAL ciolover conversion adjusable for big block, Moser axles for 10 bolt rear,ring and pinion,master rebuild kit for rear, good limited slip.How do you ship or do you? Thanks for the fast response earlier, didn't expect that.


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Apr 10, 1999
aaron can you come up with a better price than summit on the qa1 coil overs(keep in mind i dont pay shipping cause theyre right up the road)

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