Mecum Kissimmee 80-81s of interest


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Dec 18, 2001
Cleveland, Ohio
I personally like the dark maroon one but think it needs N90 rims on it.
It appears the black and red both have the same interior.
The silver/gray stripes on the red may be unique but the color combination just doesn't look right together IMO.

All beautiful cars though. . .:bowtie:


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Jun 20, 2002
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cws455 said:
80-81 Z28 grilles are body color from the factory, not black.

I think that is true in most cases but I have seen several White 1980's Z/28's with black grilles, I also used to know of a red/orange one with black grilles. My own car of which I am the second owner and is a untouched driver needing restored is white with red stripes & and a carmine red interior has black grilles. I questioned the original owner of the car about it when I was looking at it as I always thought the same thing (grilles are body color). Both him and his wife swear that it came off the dealership that way. They produced photos of the car (which they would not let me have) that according to them were from the day they brought it home and it had black grilles in it. I do know that in one photo you could still see the temporary plate on the back of the car but couldn't see the front in that picture. I suppose the dealership could have painted it or the P/O was about it but I don't think the P/O had any reason to lie.


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Dec 8, 2006
north ga
the 80 and 81's had grills that were body colored. the moroon one above has the wrong grills in it. they are 79 grills. the last 3 cars are low milage cars and original cars. i know the cars very well and ran them across the block at the sell. the black one had 22,000 miles and had never been touched. it sold for 21,500.00. if your 80 or 81 car had black grills but was not a black car it did not leave the plant with them. the sales brochure points out the body colored grills
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Jul 6, 2008
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All three of these cars are nice. I like those Uniroyal tires on the Black Z. Those where the same tires my '79 rolled off the line with.


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Jul 25, 2005
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boardog said:
the 80 and 81's had grills that were body colored. the moroon one above has the wrong grills in it. they are 79 grills.

Looks like the correct grills to me...


I like the maroon one myself.


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Apr 19, 2011
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aw man sorry i missed that . i think ive seen some of those on ebay.
i paid all the money for my 2 owner back in '05 . im waiting on the prices to go up and then you can own it. whoever u r


Nov 21, 2010
I'm glad the 80's Z's are bringing some moey. I was worried when I traded my GN for one that they weren't very popular or valuable but they seem to do pretty well. My GN was a 15k car and based on these I think the Z could be in that neighbrhood. Not the original engine but it is a real 4speed car and the 500 hp EFI engine is a huge improvement on a 305 lol


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Dec 8, 2006
north ga
you bought a good car, the reserve was almost not pulled on the red one. the moroon one does have the right grills looking at the close up pic. the camaro's will never catch up to the t/a's first there is no way to document a camaro unless you have original paperwork or the car was a export. with a pontiac you can pay 35.00 and get the phs paperwork. there is no way to clone a t/a. if the car does not match the phs paperwork it is a clone or the vin tags have been swapped to a different body. pontiac was ahead of the game with special edition cars. they put a letter designator in the vin. chevrolet never produced a special edition camaro from 70 thru 81. the 77 se t/a we had sold for good money.