Mecum Kissimmee 80-81s of interest

Clasic Z

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Feb 4, 2012
Ontario Canada
I was happy to get the red one, same guy owned them all and told me he wasn't going to remove the reserve on any of them, this car came with all paperwork from new, even has the original owner's GMAC application. I saw the red one online 2 weeks ago and made the trip to get it or the maroon one


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Nov 14, 2010
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ggtsvnv said:
I think that is true in most cases but I have seen several White 1980's Z/28's with black grilles, I also used to know of a red/orange one with black grilles. My own car of which I am the second owner and is a untouched driver needing restored is white with red stripes & and a carmine red interior has black grilles. I questioned the original owner of the car about it when I was looking at it as I always thought the same thing (grilles are body color). Both him and his wife swear that it came off the dealership that way. They produced photos of the car (which they would not let me have) that according to them were from the day they brought it home and it had black grilles in it. I do know that in one photo you could still see the temporary plate on the back of the car but couldn't see the front in that picture. I suppose the dealership could have painted it or the P/O was about it but I don't think the P/O had any reason to lie.
1980 z's had black grills and 81z's had body color..


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Jun 1, 2005
Scott from Hamilton, NJ
boardog said:
you bought a good car, the reserve was almost not pulled on the red one. the moroon one does have the right grills looking at the close up pic. the camaro's will never catch up to the t/a's first there is no way to document a camaro unless you have original paperwork or the car was a export. with a pontiac you can pay 35.00 and get the phs paperwork. there is no way to clone a t/a. if the car does not match the phs paperwork it is a clone or the vin tags have been swapped to a different body. pontiac was ahead of the game with special edition cars. they put a letter designator in the vin. chevrolet never produced a special edition camaro from 70 thru 81. the 77 se t/a we had sold for good money.
I think you can get documents on 77 and up camaros
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Sep 19, 2009
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nasstzz said:
1980 z's had black grills and 81z's had body color..

Only if it's a black car. 1980 and 1981 Z28's all came from the factory with body colored grills. Do some better research. This is very common knowledge, not a secret or mystery. 1980 Z28's were the first Z28's to have a specific grill, that no other camaro model could come with, and it was the first to be body colored as well.


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Dec 8, 2006
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i do the resto work for the owner, i was standing on the block selling the cars, i was the one that lowered the reserve. the owner was standing next to me and gave me the go ahead. this car might be there next year







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Sep 12, 2008
i have owned two 81Z`s both came with black grills,now i was not the original owner of either car but the second owner of both.
what are the odds of both original cars owners changing the grill?
Clasic Z do you plan on driving your new toy,seeing that you`re from Ontario what will you do for a front plate(bumper mount or window)


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Jan 29, 2006
The red car is very flashy and well taken care of. My favorite is the blue one. My car has black grilles in it now but it is not correct. They look good either way.