Mecum Kissimmee 80-81s of interest


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Sep 19, 2009
La Porte, IN
CrazyCamaro said:
Cws455 is correct, all 1980 and 1981 Z28s received body color grilles.
Thank you. I'm not trying to be a jagoff. I really have a passion for these particular cars. I've owned 3 1980 Z28's, also a 78,79,84 and a 93. It's the 80-81's that I really love though. I don't care if your grill is pink, purple or whatever on your car, it's your car. Just don't try and pass it off as correct and original. I don't know everything, hell I learn new stuff about camaro's all the time thanks to this site. I'm very sure of my knowledge on these particular cars though.


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Mar 18, 2004
boardog said:
you bought a good car, the reserve was almost not pulled on the red one. the moroon one does have the right grills looking at the close up pic. the camaro's will never catch up to the t/a's first there is no way to document a camaro unless you have original paperwork or the car was a export. with a pontiac you can pay 35.00 and get the phs paperwork. there is no way to clone a t/a. if the car does not match the phs paperwork it is a clone or the vin tags have been swapped to a different body. pontiac was ahead of the game with special edition cars. they put a letter designator in the vin. chevrolet never produced a special edition camaro from 70 thru 81. the 77 se t/a we had sold for good money.

ken, was there a reason the owner was selling so many cars, i know he takes pride in his collection.


Nov 17, 1999
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As the original owner of a 1980 Z28, that I personnally ordered, saw the car the day it came off the transport, and new car detailed it myself, I can verify that my red Z came with a body colored grill - it was not an option that showed up on my Chevy dealer's quick order form or the window sticker.

Those Z28's from the Mecum auction are some nice examples.

FYI - was looking on ebay yesterday and found a website devoted to the 1981 Z28, It contains some very good info. and the 1981 Z28's and has references to the 1980 Z28. Check it out.


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Jun 21, 2010
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all 80-81's had the grille body color. Someday I will post a pic of my special order 80 4 spd car still on the auto carrier and the docs. I shortly painted mine black as many have ....