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Mar 18, 2004
Terrebonne, OR U.S.A.
If you are not able to access his site, this might shed some light on why.

moementum said:
Mike, I really haven't given it much thought over the past few months. Things just keep comming up, one after another. Just as we're getting the site back up, I get a message from our hosting company saying the business has been sold and they will no longer be supporting the software we use. So I have like a week to find a new host. I will try to get some info on the door panels Monday. With any luck, they might be available soon. But then again, the way things are going, you never know. So if you guys see the site go down again, hang in there, we'll get everything back to normal eventually. There's all kinds of new stuff available!! Like 70-72 rear bumper brackets, 70-81 vertical pillar moldings, complete 70-73 tail lamp assemblies, headliner clips, door and vinyl top molding clips, 70-72 rear bumper guards, new 150 speedos, glove box doors, etc.


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Jan 21, 2005
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Thank you I was hoping......

I have been waiting a year or so for some parts that I paid for. Some one from this newsgroup who was in the same boat as me, just rescently emailed me and told me that James finally contacted him and is sending his parts. I have emailed James with no reply. :-(


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I gather from reading a lot of posts that it has been a tough year for Mo. If you need something asap it probably is not going to be a very satisfying transaction for you. My experience with him in the past is fairly positive. He is for sure one of the most knowledgable people on early 2nd Gens. He has really good parts, he does not handle any of the crap that doesn't fit or is low quality repro. I can't imagine that if you paid for something that it has been a year to ship. For sure something fell through the cracks on that transaction, it is just not his m.o. I am sure if you try to call and continue to send email that you will hear from him and he will make it right. I am going to see him on my days off in Dec. and looking forward to seeing his operation.

noj akrog

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Aug 9, 2003
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I got floor pans for my car through James last year and it was a real positive experience. He's a one man operation with a small shop packed full of stuff. When I went by to pick up my pans he had four second gens in various stages. I think he had two he was restoring for sale and two he was parting. I hung out with him for like and hour and we talked about our cars. He showed me the cars he had and his parts inventory. If there was anything I needed and couldn't find, he could. Like Adams said above, he really knows his stuff. There was a post in the past about some personal stuff in his life taking more time out of his business than he liked but he's working through that. Keep contacting him and he'll come through.


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Jun 15, 2004
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I just got some parts for my headlights two weeks ago from James. Fast turnaround and he went above and beyond on the order for me.

Give him a call after 2pm central time. I'm sure you'll get it worked out with him.


Mar 11, 2003
I placed an order several weeks ago and have not received it. I called several times and left messages. Website is down. Sent several emails. I paid for merchandise, but now I'm dealing with a non-responsive merchant. Perhaps it is time for an in-person visit, with some friends. Very dissappointed.


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Aug 11, 1999
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Actually, qxwe, you have not paid for the merchandise, as you're card was never billed. I did some checking when I got the 1 message you left and it seems that we got your order confused with another, placed the same day for the exact same 3 parts. I got your order packed up last night and it leaves tonight with the regular pick-up. To make up for the delay, we even shipped it for free. I've also replied to Both of your emails, you sent yesterday and today. Please left me know if you have any questions or other problems.

Kevin McKeown

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Mar 25, 1999
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I've bought all kinds of things over the past couple of years from James, and he ALWAYS treated me right. Good prices, good service, he knows what he is talking about, and he is honest. For all that, I can afford to wait a little bit sometimes. Don't give up on him, although there are a lot of good vendors and suppliers, many on this board, I would say that in my experience, he is the best!

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