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Nov 2, 1999
Arlington, WA
I have a sweat deal for second gen owners for 10 bolt axles. $220

Ring and Pinions starting at $140

Yokes starting at $35

Complete bolt in 9" setups for second gen $1700

So what did you want to know Mike?

Arron Spitzer
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Musclecar Technologies LLC
Honest Answers.........LOW PRICES!


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Jan 12, 2000
Chickasha, OK, USA

How much for the following:

Moser 33 spline axles, 8.5" 10-bolt, but not stock width, with 2 bolt patterns

Moser 33 spline spool - pt # 5S1033

Moser spool bearings - pt # SB10

Moser axle bearings - pt # 9508B

Moser install kit - R10MB

Also, are you able to get a 1350 yoke for an 8.5" 10-bolt. I don't show Moser having one. I found one at another source, just wondering if Moser has them. Thanks for any help.