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Aug 1, 1999
Little off topic, but the Today show this morning had a segment on the best songs of summer 2020. Their "best" was probably the worst excuse for music in history. Don McClean was a bit early on the day the music died.

Officially it was, I guess, Today.

Mike N

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Jan 13, 2002
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i think this should be played before each NFL
GOT BASS? for lyrics for others... METAL FOR EVERYBODY!!

a bit more peppy TODAY...\m/:)\m/

Manowar is the loudest band I've ever seen and one of the best.

Funny thing is they didn't gain popularity around here until after their Hail To England album, and when they did break through, many thought they were a British band. In fact, they are a semi local band that was formed in Auburn NY back in 1980.

Our own @sal70ss lives in Auburn...... any chance you rubbed shoulders with these guys?


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Feb 12, 2011
atlanta, ga
WOW....who's ever heard of these folks......?
Just stumbled onto them...i like the melodic metal ....reminds me of Dokken
like metalcore meets screamo meets deathmetal...meets alternative....

I'm so confused.o_O

better hold your chit....


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