MY 70 Z28 RS COPO ?


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Jun 4, 2012
Long Island NY


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Oct 3, 1999
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Does it seem odd that the pilot car would have the tall (copo) 3 piece spoiler?
Lots of discussion on this car. It probably didn't have that spoiler when it rolled off the line. I believe it is actually a 12467 (six cylinder) car that immediately went to Smokey Yunicks shop and was fitted with an LS-6, making it the "only" LS-6 second gen car (if that really counts). He fabricated a cold air intake system that pulled air from in front of the radiator over-around the fan shroud. It had JL8 rear disk brakes and many parts that were marked as "prototype". It also supposedly had a dual quad, crossram 350 installed at some point. It was bought during the close-out auction at Smokey's shop in 1991 as a roller.

One of the few 6 figure second gen Camaro's


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Jun 4, 2012
Long Island NY color...I have a question about your lift. I see that's inserted into floor. Any issues with lining up lift points for Camaro? ...frame rails? I'm looking to get scissor lift and aware of ground clearance but concerned with lift points. Any information would be greatly appreciated....thanks much.
The lift you see in the picture is where I get my cars detailed. I’m moving soon to a house where I also hope to install a lift.

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Dec 29, 2002
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OldDog, i bought a danmar 6000 scissor lift a couple years ago and i love it. for $2300.00 canadian you can't go wrong. they don't give access to everything a regular lift will but for what i use it for it works great. mine sits level on the floor and is about 4 inches high. i made a set of long wooden ramps for my camaro or anything with a low ground clearance. when not needed they are pushed up against the wall. my wifes suv parks over it all the time without the ramps cause it's high enough. i mounted a wide mirror on the back wall of the garage so you can line up a vehicle over it easily with no guess work. my wife has no issues doing it. a bit harder to do at night with headlights on because you get some glare off the mirror but still doable. the arms have a lot of movement, so have never had an issue with lift points. mine also came with extra lift pads and spacers to get extra height depending on the vehicle. wish i bought it 15 years ago! picked it up at my local princess auto and got it off my trailer with an engine lift. i think it weighes around 900 lbs.


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Jun 13, 2000
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Camaro lover, thanks. I'm familiar danmar scissor lifts. I was looking at lift dimensions/specifications vs. my lift points and thought these lifts would work, but not certain. I wanted to hear from people that used them on 2nd Gen Camaros. I always see newer cars that are wider and higher demonstrated on YouTube, videos, etc. so worried my (70 Camaro) would have lifting issues. Again, thank you for your insight.

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