My 73 Type LT Winter build

Discussion in 'Project Progress' started by Printstron, Nov 28, 2011.

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    So a small update. The American Racing VN507 Rodders I ordered are on back order. The 18x8” wheels are in but the 18x9.5” wheels are going to be a few weeks out. So in the interim I picked up some steel Rally wheels in 15”. They were pretty rough so I threw some black matte paint on them and rubbed the center caps with some #0000 steel wool. I actually don’t hate the look. The tires were a PIA to source (they are used tires). Bet if the were 17” wheels with meaty tires I would dig them more. Not exactly the look I’m going for but I could see a way to making that style look good. I didnt put the rings on but I have them too.
    49FD031D-EED6-400F-8FF1-15840E0DFDE0.jpeg 624A116A-3D56-4C7D-93B7-71834C6524D2.jpeg BF8AB028-5531-4928-8D70-EF867C00AD40.jpeg
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    I actually REALLY like the look. Very nice - Also my 73 Type LT is a very close color to yours. Very handsome.

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