My C10 LS swap. Im just not a Camaro guy!

I have a ton of videos on the build on my channel if your interested. First ever video while driving looking for a fight.
Ended up with a crazing ending. Dont be stupid like me lol.

She has been running for a bit. She is STUPID fast. I will do a complete rundown video
on everything that was put in the truck. I love how it sounds like a manual trans when I shift.
If you pay attention you will see I only ever shift once, and just how stupid fast it is without
going through all the gears,Yea its true. only one can here it every time. Anything over that and she just smokes
the tires.

Now just let me say this. I drove around for about an hour looking for a fight. Nothing never happened. I usually find
The 392 scat and 5.0 stangs everywhere, Thats what i wanted on video. Nothing today. After I turned the camera off
Im at the light with this Cammed camaro chopping away. Once were moving he floors it like he wants to race but to much
traffic for me. I think he thought I was slow lol. When I get on the up ramp he see's me coming and floors it as did I lol
I caught him so fast LOL, Then he blocks me off and I slammed the brakes and let him keep going. I run many Camaros
already. I knew it was no fair anyways. You can hear he has it floored the whole way LOL After I let off.

Anyways please drive safe and dont drive stupid!! Please help me and subscribe to my channel. Or leave a comment.



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Jun 29, 2009
I wish I could watch the video!(can't watch where I'm at right now) Give us a run down on it!
I'm building a 70 c10(likely will go with the 68 front end)

I have a built 6.0 and just bought an LSA for her. Hoping to do what you're doing :)

73Z L92

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Jan 25, 2011
Carlos, MN
About 5-6 years ago I did a frame off 68 C10 with a built LS6/T56 combo. Was a great project. SWB.


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