My daughter's Camaro is leaning after the leaf spring job.


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Jan 18, 2016
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I know I don't post here often, but I trying to repair my daughter's car. It's a 1981 Berlinetta that looks like the BumbleBee Camaro. The rear springs were shot so my friend and I replaced them with a new set from Rock Auto. It was a hassle but we finally got them in. Now the car leans quite badly to one side, both the front and the back. I read one post recommending I jack up the front putting jack stands under the front frame to isolate the front suspension from the equation. The car is still leaning but I noticed looking at the front springs, that the passenger's side (wheel and everything) hangs much lower than the driver's. This is obviously a problem but it's still leaning, maybe not as bad in the back. Any new ideas from you guys?


Mar 4, 2022
Check the part number on the springs to make sure the are the same. Take out the rear springs turn them upside down and measure from the apex to the ground. return the incorrect spring. springs are usually sold in matching sets but not from rock auto. you can also change the arc of the spring at any truck shop. Did the car lean before the spring replacement?


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Dec 7, 2014
If they check out to be the same springs on both sides, loosen the spring eye bolts, put it on the ground, bounce it a few times and see how it sits. If its level, tighten things up with the weight of the car on the springs. U can do this with jack stands under the axles so you can fit under the car.


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Jan 18, 2016
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Okay, here are the pics I have so far. The front of the BumbleBee shows it with jack stands under the front frame. It's still leaning front and back. I know it looks like there's a floor jack involved but it's not touching anything. The driver's side shows how low the wheels and suspension dropped when it is hanging in the air. Then compare it to how far the suspension is hanging on the passenger's side



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