My good ole boy Harley


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Jul 5, 2009
mankato, mn
Took the old man for a walk tonight. Harley’s getting on in years and his age has been showing more and more lately. He’s about 14 maybe 15—we adopted him 6 years ago so we don’t really know. But I’ll tell ya, he’s the sweetest damn dog you’ll meet. Lays by my little girls when they are napping, plays with them so gently just such a good dog.
(Terry you literally just met Harley on sat thanks for the visit by the way you are always welcome)
So I take the old man for a walk tonight something we haven’t been doing lately with my 2nd job and all.(kinda hard to wake him up and get him out of the bedroom without waking up wifey and kiddos at 1 sometimes 2 am.)
Well we run across some people down town one of which has his pit out for a walk also. (Note I am not blaming pits at all) well that dog took offense to me apparently and old man Harleydog took offense to him taking offense to me. In the blink of an eye we have a dog fight on Main Street.
Only on 2 occasions Prior I’ve ever seen my dog get upset at another dog both of which were not good dogs. And tonight he bristled up like a porcupine and that dog jumped at me and Harley met him mid air! Pretty sure the thump could be felt for blocks as they collided and then got into it. Insanity ensues and we are able to get the dogs separated. Harley’s lip is bleeding and the pit looks like he tried jumping through a barbed wire fence. I ain’t never seen that side of ole Harley. Don’t think I want to either.

After assessing the situation we agree that nothing overly serious happened and he would keep a tighter hold on his dogs leash (he was very apologetic about the whole thing and having not a tight hold on his aggressive energetic dog) we had a beer at the bar we happened to be infront of when the whole thing went down and called it a night. (Both dogs on a very short leash were allowed inside albeit separated and held tight gotta love small towns).
Shook on it being dogs acting like dogs and that was that.

I’m still shocked that old Harleydog behaved the way he did. I’ve been told by some friends and family that he was a good dog, loyal to me till death. If I had any shred of a doubt of that it’s gone. ( I’ve never actually doubted it he’s been such a close buddy to me and my little girls)


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Sep 24, 2014
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Wow! Loyalty to the max. Harley showed his true colors and no fear at all. Really glad your buddy is OK. Sure turned out better than I thought when I first started reading this post.


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Mar 23, 2014
Ocala, Florida
^^^^Same here. Harley just seems to know where and when to pick his battles. Harley deserves a really good T bone steak! Loved the mid air meet. Like always, gotta watch the quiet ones.


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Feb 26, 2004
Bloomington, MN
It was good meeting up with you again, too!

Hope to see your Camaro next time we meet.

Hard to believe that sweet old dog would get in a fight but he was defending you and a good loyal dog will do those things.
Glad the injuries were minor and you were able to get them separated without anyone getting bit.


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Mar 15, 2004
Bunker Hill, IL
What kind of dog is Harley?

Sounds a little bit similar to my boy Jake, he is a yellow lab. He is as mild mannered and an attention whore of a dog that you have ever seen except for on two occasions. One was a guy beating on my door randomly one day, mind you I live several miles out of the closest little farm town. Jake wanted no part of him being there and was trying his damnest to get out the door at him, which he has never done before or since. The guy had my place confused with a guy on the next road past mine and was trying to sell me diesel fuel. Same guys made the papers a few days later for drug charges and stealing fuel from one of the local FS locations. Second was one day I was playing frisbee with Jake in the front yard, which he lived for when he was younger, when the neighbors pit that they kept chained up came busting thru the tree line between our places. Jake saw him dropped the frisbee and they hit head on at a dead sprint for both of them. It was the biggest thud sound I have ever heard, they both managed to shred one another up pretty good before I could get them apart but Jake held his own just fine.


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Jul 5, 2009
mankato, mn

He’s a black lab mix. Pictured here playing with my youngest.