Mystery brake line question...


Jul 5, 2017
South Dakota
I'm currently replacing my brake booster and master cylinder, and upon removing the driver's side inner fender well I found this brake line that's just open. The reason I'm replacing these parts is because the MC was leaking, and I thought that was the source of brake fluid on the frame rails and beneath the car, but now I'm wondering if this brake line isn't supposed to be open and it has been spraying fluid everywhere.

I haven't been able to find a brake line diagram that has this included, however both front out lines and the rear out are accounted for, so I can't imagine where this is supposed to connect to.

Thanks for any insights!!

Image here:

Gary S

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Apr 14, 1999
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The picture doesn't show the line very well, but the end of it doesn't look like a brake line to me. I wonder if it might be a fuel vent line to the gas tank.


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May 4, 2001
That is the gas tank vent line is right where you describe and strapped right next to the brake line going to the rear. A rubber hose connects to it and attached to the charcoal canister bolted to the inner fender (opposite location as the battery)


Jul 5, 2017
South Dakota
Interesting, this seems to be the concensus thus far and a little bit of googling looks like that's the case. Thanks guys!

Another question... I always had assumed that this open hose was for venting the gas tank, do you guys know what this is for? Pardon my ignorance.

Photo here:

After a little more research it looks like this open line I just posted that ends near the manifold was for the AC, and was connected to the water pump. That makes sense, I'll have to delete that bad boy.

Thanks for all the help guys.


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Jul 15, 2004
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The rear brake line goes down there, I can see two lines at the bottom where they head under the car, but can't see where the 2nd line goes as it comes up. I can't see anything linking to the prop valve (the rear line goes in the end nearest the fender)
Get under the car and follow the pipe to the rear. Both the vent line and brake lines will follow the same path. The brake line ends were the frame rail kicks up and connects to a flexi that goes to the rear end. If it's the vent tube, it will continue up the rail and then bend 90* and cross to the passenger side.

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