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Gary S

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Apr 14, 1999
Bismarck, North Dakota
I watched it, and my impression was that it was just a practice or exhibition race. They had the qualifying races this afternoon, and the actual race starts at 8pm Central. There should be more spectators tonight.


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Oct 9, 2020
more fake garbage ... Angelinos and resident celebs don't give one good GD what nascar is --- except only if they get a little screen time to promote their own BS.

And, right, stands were bare --- I'll tune in briefly tonite to confirm same ol, same ol--- and to verify JJ should've stayed home.

muscl car

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Jul 8, 2001
Gallatin Tennessee
The LA Colosium has only 68k seats , watching the race right now it looks maybe 20k to 30k race fans in the stadium

Plus parking is absolutely non existent in that area of downtown LA . You either pay razy expensive parking garage fees or risk taking public transportation to and from the stadium
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Aug 1, 1999
And a half time show? Some rapper being interviewed by one of the best looking women in America and he was in a different world. Watching the HT show and it's about the closest thing to nothing I've seen in a while. Was this a joke?