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Feb 11, 1999
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I'm updating the store. Due to member request - I got a lot of new goodies, with more stuff coming.
Click here to check out the T-shirts.

Click here to check out the 2017 Calendar.

Click here to check out the drinkware.

Click here to order baseball hats.

Click here to order mouse pads.

Click here to order keychains.

The above link will jump to the shirts, hats, drinkware, decals, license plate frames, mouse pads, calendars, etc... in a couple more days when I get everything else adjusted.

Everything on the drinkware page is shipping immediately. I got all 3 things and they look great.

I'm picking up the 9 styles of hats monday so I can get that page finished.


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Jun 20, 2009
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Mike I think Shawn was referring to the other mugs, not the travel mugs. I'd guess porcelain though

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