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Discussion in 'Engine Topic' started by jemeah, Feb 26, 2013.

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    Sep 19, 2007
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    İ have 383 cui create motor GM 4 main bolt block with Eagle (13455E) rotating kit i know the kit has not good quality:( .

    İ have also got a pair of DART aliminum pro 1 230 cc intake heads, holley 750 cfm double pump, Comp Cam full roller 1.5 rocker (cca-1301-16), Hooker header,
    MSD distrubitor and 6AL ignition, TCİ TH 400 with 2,800 stall convertor, Electirical fuel pump and i will buy intake manifold depends on camshaft.

    İ want to buy these compcam kits for weekend race not cruising but i wonder my eagle cast steel crankshaft is ready for high RPM? ( PLS feel free to leave opinions)

    What is your opinions for Best cam kits?
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    May 23, 2007
    Bullet cams will custom grind a cam that is tailored to your engine and car combination. They will also match and sell you the lifters, springs, retainers and locks you need. I think they will ship to anywhere in the world. I see you are in Turkey.

    I think the weakest link in that 383 kit you have is the connecting rods followed by the hyper pistons. Make sure you set the ring gaps correctly. If they are too tight the ends can butt together and bust the upper ring lands.

    Good luck with your build!
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    Might as well get the solid roller (Your 2nd listing) with that much duration and 230cc Pro 1 heads.
    The cast Steel crank is fine, The rods are probably good too, both should spin 7500 with no problem
    The choice of a 2800 stall is silly, you need a 4500+ stall.
    Look at 65104 1.75" headers as a min, maybe 17/8" headers.

    Intake, VIC JR or Holley 300-25 Strip Dominator.
    383 x 75000 rpm ÷ 3456 = 831 so look as a 830 or 850 DP.

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    Oct 11, 2004

    Thats alot of head for a 383 as mantioned Bullet cams is you best choice for a cam, Those heads are probably set up for .660 lift and running .576 lift you not going to have enough over the nose pressure and will run into valve float.

    What size chambers do you have???

    Those rods are not even considered a stroker rod and do a search on eagle sir rods, with those big runner heads that engine is going need alot of RPM to make power.

    I dont think using hyper pistons and those rods and cast crank are the best set up for your build JMO.

    In Darts new catalog it reads on the Pro1 230 heads are intended for maximum effort compitition with large displacement and very high RPM usage.

    They reccomend 400 plus cubic inch and 7000 plus RPM.

    What is your intended use of this engine?

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