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Aug 22, 2018
St. George, Utah
Getting ready to assemble the interior on my 70 Z that is currently gutted. For those that have been through this before, any suggestions on where the best place is to start? I have already put the Killmat on the floors, roof and doors.



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Sep 15, 1999
Ontario, Canada
After the headliner install the carpet then the package tray, tray trim then the plastic front floor vents and rear sail panels, then seat belts, make holes in the carpet with a solder iron for the belts and seats etc.


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Oct 3, 1999
Beavercreek, Ohio, USA
Either the headliner or the firewall pad. Take your pick. I would personally start with the firewall pad. Once its on, it allows all the rest of the firewall, wiring dash etc stuff to go. None of that really gets in the way of the headliner. If it is on a rotisserie, do the headliner. Much easier to do upside down.


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Jun 23, 2004
Athens, GA
It's ultimately your choice...but some of the stuff HAS to go in before other certain things. I followed the following steps:

Kilmat/Noico sound barrier
Wires run for rear speakers
Wire for dome light run and secured
Door sill wiring harness shield plates
Carpet underlay
Firewall pad
Rear speakers installed
Trunk divider jute and board
Package tray jute and mesh cover
Carpet (laid, measured, trimmed and necessary holes punched)
Seat belts (front and rear)
Door jam scuff plates
Rear lower side panels
Rear seats
Rear sail panels
Door panels
Headliner and supporting trim and A pillar trim
Upper seat belt cover panels
Front speaker pod (custom home made)
Lower dash screwed to dash pad with new glove box insert and installed as a whole (a lot easier)
Glove box door
Kick panels
Radio installed
Driver's side lower dash and climate control panel
Gauges/bezel and steering wheel
Console/shifter plate and console box/lid
Front seats