Need new tires...Radial TA's are starting to look rough

1978 Z/28

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Jul 17, 2017
New Brunswick
If I buy 2 MT ET street tires P275/60/15 it costs me 511.98 for tires 31.50 shipping and 127.55 taxes total 639 usd or 820 cdn to house, if I choose delivery to Calais Maine it costs 511.98 for tires 28 Maine taxes then 15% NB tax for 621 USD. I only live about 1 hour from Calais, we are going to Ontario this year will probally go through US one way stay over 46 hours and bring them home tax free for 540 USD. Summit is good for delivery to Canada


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May 16, 2007
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I run Cooper cobras and they are priced great,and ride and handle great.But they arent BFs,lol.
BFs are way too expensive now,for what they are.I wish Cooper would drop the "cobra" on their white letter tires.Im sure they would sell more.


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Jul 31, 2001
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I had a whole set of Radial T/As replaced under warranty for the brown letter issues. Tire Rack was nothing short of fantastic with the claim. 100 %.

All was good till 10 months later the new tires started browning not even 5 days after cleaning. Same problem as before. Then I had the right rear tire start making a thumping noise. Nothing I tried would stop it.
When I went to the dealer, they showed me that inside that tire it looked like someone drove flat on it for 10 miles, the belts were separating .

I had them order me a new set of Coopers ....and had them on there the next day.

Radial T/A owners at a car show overhear......." Hey nice car...why doesn't he clean the tires"
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Apr 13, 2020
I went w/ the BFG T/As too. Bought & stored them about 4-5 months before they were mounted. I remember the dealer saying you'll want to clean off the blue coating on the letters right away. I swear I could almost see the white turn brown before they were even put on the car...probably should have gone with the blue look:cool:


Apr 2, 2018
Cooper Cobras were the best value when I bought mine last year. There are some cheaper brands out there, but I didn't want buy from a manufacturer I'd never heard of before. Seemed to me 15" tires were more expensive than larger ones. I guess newer cars mostly have 16" and larger, so our tires are becoming a "specialty" item. I like the Coopers, though.


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Mar 9, 2022
I have a set of BF Goodrich Radial TA's on my 73 Z28 and they are starting to look terrible. They have been on the car since I bought it 3-4 years ago and the date code is 2008. 235/60R15 on stock Z28 rims.

The letters and sidewall are going brownish. I have cleaned it with everything I can think of and its not going away.

Nice new black tires would make the car look so much better. Looking for suggestions on what to buy. I do like the white letter look and wouldn't even mind the same tires again but I read some reviews that other people were having them go brown fairly quickly

Need some suggestions on a good performance tire that ideally has a similar look.
If they have a lot of tread left, you could always have the tire reinstalled with the letters in. Im not sure if the change in direction would affect the tires or not. Personally I always had issues with the amount of work to keep letters white. I considered painting them. Good Luck


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Nov 13, 2020
Maybe a little late, but Mastercraft Avenger GT's iare what I put on my car. Very reasonably priced thru Amazon(ugh) and had them installed at my favorite shop.

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