Need Prayers and Uplifting


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Jul 4, 2001
Brandon, FL
One of the strongest bonds a man can have is with his son. Well, yesterday afternoon my eldest was in an accident at the house. Was it a miscalculated mistake on his part? Yes, but we have all done our share. He was admitted to the hospital burn unit where he is likely to go through surgeries and a long recovery. So lucky he is alive!


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Jan 19, 2010
Cypress, TX
I'm truly sorry to hear about your son's accident. I can only imagine how you must feel. You and your family are definitely in my thoughts and hoping for a swift full recovery.


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Dec 7, 2014
As a parent, this is hard to hear. I can only hope thing go well and he and your family have a full recovery.
Agreed. I have 2 boys and I'm worried all the time.
Geoman: thoughts and prayers for your boy. Modern medical care is excellent, but family support is so important.


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Jun 17, 2006
I am sorry to hear about your Son, I cannot imagine how bad this can be having only one boy myself. Prayers sent, hope he gets well soon.