need to identify rear end

big gear head

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Jul 30, 2001
I agree that if you are not keeping the car original you would be better off starting with the stronger 8.5 rear end. Parts are easier to find and cheaper too. Just be aware that you might have to change a few things with this swap. The drive shaft is usually the only thing that causes a problem. Starting in '76 they went from the 1310 u joint to the 3R u joint. Also sometimes when going from the 8.2 to the 8.5 you need a drive shaft that is about 1 inch shorter. If you can get the drive shaft from the car that the rear end came from it will help alot. Also somehwere around '76 they moved the bracket that holds the brake line from the center of the housing over to the left side axle tube. This shouldn't be hard to fix. Just use the bracket and brake lines off of your rear end and cut the bracket off of the axle tube. If you can get a '71 to '75 rear end it will be easier.

If you stay with the 8.2 then you will need to change the gears too. I don't know of any 2 series limited slip differentials for the 8.2 rear end. You would need to go to 3.08 to 4.56 gears and use a new Eaton Posi. All you need to do is call Randy's Ring & Pinion or Tom's Differentials and tell them that you have the 8.2 10 bolt with 2.73 gears and that you want to install a Eaton Posi with whatever gear ratio you choose and that you need their best installation kit. These guys know exactly what you need and will help you select the right parts. Just don't get the Auburn.
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