Needing help to find my dads old car, i have the vin

Discussion in 'Camaros Wanted' started by Nathan Cavanagh, Nov 21, 2020.

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    I certainly wouldn't put any name, beyond maybe just first name in the ad. Vin either. If it rings a bell for someone, you can share that once you've felt them out. What you put into your op, plus the info that you've since learned. Could take months, if you even get anything at all. Considering the possible age of the woman now, you might want to concentrate on Facebook searching.
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    Mar 1, 2020
    I used obituaries to locate the original owner and reading through the memorial, typically it lists offspring by name. I was lucky and found and contacted the 1st owners daughter on facebook. She shared with her mother whom distinctly remembered the car. After some discussion on the original color (she thought it was red but was citrus green) and sending a pic of the protectoplate, she remembered that her husband and his brother bought one each at the same time! His brother’s is the green one I now own (registered to his father due to likely being drafted to vietnam and finance companies not wanting to give a loan) and he’s still around! Hoping to get some original pics of the cars when they both drove them off the lot. I send them progress updates from time to time as well.
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