Neighbor trying to sell me this 67 Mustang convertible


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Jun 20, 2002
Fallon, NV
If repo parts for mustangs are as poor quality as repo camaro parts then there has to be $1000.00 in parts there. Fenders, hood, chrome above the windshield, bumpers, grill, doors, guages, and more. Thats if you couldn't find a mustang guy to want it as a project at twice that price. I think I would be on that.


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Dec 24, 2013
tucson az
there's probably a question like this on a mustang forum.
neighbors trying to sell my this pos 70 camaro with 2 dinky bumpers for 1000 bucks, should I buy it?

when my daughter was 15 and we were looking for a first car for her, lady had a 67 fastback body on a trailer for 1000 bucks. no motor, no title, just had a backyard paint job. I called my daughter and asked if she wanted a mustang fastback as a first car, she passed because she thought it would look like a pinto hatchback. So I left, it was gone the next day. that was a bone headed move on my part. jim


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Jun 10, 2007
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Missed out on a 67 fastback when I was 15. Looked at it. 6 cylinder was going out but all else was nice. Passed. On the way home talking to my brother I changed my mind. Called him maybe an hour later...gone. It was only $600. It was a while ago. Lol.


Jul 20, 2014
Walla Walla, WA
Just checked ebay completed listings and there's a couple of rusty convertible 67's that sold for more than $9000. If the owner has a clear title I would jump on it. If you listed it locally I would think you would be able to sell it for at least 2,500 to 3,500 with out a lot of trouble. Of course that depends where you live and whether you want to hassle with it.

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