New Car Prices Are Getting A Bit Ridiculous


Final Six
May 21, 2014
Hutto, TX
For a while, I was thinking about getting a new Camaro or even a Challenger but I'm slowly realizing they are just too much money. Plus, I just can't buy a car for MSRP or more. Never have, never will. Hell, for $60K maybe I could finally buy a nice 1967 Goat. Might as well. I'd have to finance it just like a new car. Maybe even build a detached garage or buy a cheaper classic or two and a good used truck. Insurance would probably be a whole lot lower, gas prices wouldn't kill me and just too many distracted drivers out there. Traffic is getting really congested around the Austin area and just way too risky for a nice ride (I drive the 73Z in the country mostly). If my DDD (disposable daily driver) gets wrecked, no big deal. It's just transportation. But having your new Camaro wrecked would just suck.


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Sep 24, 2014
Pittsburgh, Pa.
With me it's more value and justification than affordability. Pay more for an A to B vehicle than I paid for my home in 1992? Doubtful. Collectable? Maybe different story. If I don't run across a deal that's too good to pass up, I won't buy.


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Aug 1, 1999
Some places in California selling new Teslas for under $25k with all incentives. Just sayin'. If those cars were just not so darn ugly.....


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Apr 21, 2004
Concord, CA
I ordered a Maverick Hybrid last year just so I could try and get something to save me in gas $$ for commuting, as well as my kids need a car now so going to give them my Dart. I ordered it Oct last year at MSRP so like $24K. Its supposed to be built next month. My Co-Worker has had one since Nov. I think of last year and has kept track of how much he has spent in gas since then. $258 bucks so far thats like almost of month of driving in my '22 Charger.


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Mar 13, 1999
Brighton, MI
And no waiting an hour for charging. Hybrids seem to me to be a good way to significantly reduce gas consumption; I'm still a bit puzzled by the mad rush to go all electric, especially given the supply chain constraints.