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Jul 22, 2016
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I purchased a new 8 qt oil pan, the current one is banged up and there is an oil leak so I will be replacing it in the new week or two.

This pan required a high volume pick up so I assume I need a high volume oil pickup correct? I have heard bad and good about high volume oil pickup, the bad being it slings all the oil to the top of the motor more than on on the bottom which may cause issues with the bottom end?

Specs for oil pan is:

7" deep, 6 trap doors, 2 runners, and 3 crank scrapers. Sump is 14" wide (has dual kick-outs) and 12" long. The stock starter will fit.

I have no idea yet what kind of oil pickup is on the Camaro but I want to buy one before we change this out.

I can't use a high volume pickup on a stock oil pump correct? A high volume pump is needed for the added size of this pan correct?



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Sep 16, 2012
I doubt that 12" long sump will fit. I did the deed this summer and ended up with a Canton #15-250 and it barely clears the cross member. I first tried their 12" long sump and there was no way it would fit.

For the pump I suggest a Melling Shark Tooth and the appropriate pickup
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May 6, 2012
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I have a built 377 Cubic inch Supercharged Small Block Chevy.With a Milodon 8 qrt. Road Race oil pan And Moroso windage tray.A Melling High volume oil pump with a Milodon pickup. In my 1979 Z-28 RS Pro-Touring Camaro.The car has 3" of ground clearance at the subframe.I can fit a Chevy High Torque starter or a Mini-Starter.Or which I have on the car now.And if you are going to run a stock oil pump I would ask the manufacturer of what pick up they recommend.


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As long as the tube size is the same, you can use a high-volume pickup with a conventional pump