New pack member is home.


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Apr 27, 2008
ffx, va
That's a good lookin' pup.
I could never keep our labs crated. I always ended up telling them- get out of there, your one of us!

73Z L92

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Jan 25, 2011
Carlos, MN
Nice looking pup. We've had a number of labs and goldies over the years as hunting dogs. When they are young we always had them take their breaks and overnight sleeps in the crate. Throw a biscuit in the crate and put the pup in. Won't be long before he/she will be standing at the crate door waiting to get in.
Our current lab is a small British yellow lab about 50-55 lbs. Great dog. Much easier to lift into the crate to go bird hunting.
Good luck with your pup.

cali cruzer

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Mar 24, 2002
Henderson/Las Vegas, NV
Update. Jerry at 3ish months old. about 43 lbs.

8 weeks
Jerry Lee Home 5-1-2022 (5).jpg

22 weeks
jerry 22.jpg


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Mar 15, 2004
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Good looking dog, looks like he is going to be a pretty good size boy.

I am a big lab guy, pretty much had at least one around since I was born. Between my parents and myself I think we have had 9. I currently have a 12 year old white lab and my parents have a 7 year old english chocolate Remington. Jake was always a lean and tall dog until he got older and packed on a few pounds. Remington on the other hand is short and stocky and answers to pork chop thanks to me. LOL

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