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Jan 24, 2016
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Hey everyone! I haven't frequented Nasty Z/28 that much but, hopefully, I'm about to officially be a 2nd Gen owner for the first time. I have a 69 Z/28 I bought when I was 16 back 1976 and still own my 83 Z I bought new. I also had a 10 SS I bought in 09 for a few years. I'm real comfortable with 1st Gens so a 2nd Gen will be a learning experience.

I have a chance to buy a 79 Z. LM1, 4-speed with t-tops. It's supposed to be a running, no rust, numbers matching car. I believe it's been in the southwest its entire life. He says he's the original owner.

The photos show what looks like faded, original paint. If the title is good and all the numbers are indeed matching I will be taking it home this weekend. He sent a photo of the build sheet but I am not convinced it's the correct one. It shows it to be a black car with gold striping. The car's blue paint looks original to me along with the paint in the engine compartment. Someone would have went to the trouble of painting the inner fenders. The interior is shot but looks to be blue custom vinyl.

Now for the important stuff... After going through all the info present here at Nasty I have some questions.

It appears that there could be several engine suffix codes on this engine. I found these that apply to a 350 w/manual trans: DRC, DRY, DRF, DRW, DRD. Is there a common code that's typically found on these engines? Do the codes differ depending on the plant? I am hoping the block hasn't been rebuilt and decked. Based on the stickers it may have been modified. I can see that emissions parts are also missing.

Same with the casting number. I found these: 3970010, 366245, 3911460, 14016379, 14316379. I believe the 3970010 is pretty common. What will I probably find?

1979 Z28 c.jpg

1979 Z28 e.jpg

1979 Z28 f.jpeg

1979 Z28 g.jpg
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Sep 29, 2017
Look forward to seeing the progress and another 2nd gen getting put back on the road.


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Feb 26, 2004
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The build sheet looks to have the correct options/accesories.
You are correct... build sheet says it black.

The trim tag should show the original color.

I would also cross match the VIN on the dash with the VIN on the build sheet (upper right corner) to be sure.

I see it has an old-skool alarm with the key switch on the front fender extension.

Good luck with it!

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