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    Feb 25, 2011
    I did a few changes to the body before I flat blacked the car. I added to the small one pc rear spoiler to kinda mimic the 3 pc design, but laid the angle back more to aid aero . I finally solved my debate on the split bumperettes on a standard nose. I did away with bumpers. I welded the big holes shut where the big blinkers go on the standard nose and molded small 2 1/2" led blinkers into the sheet metal front spoiler I fabricated while I was working on the big blinker/bumperette deleat. I put mesh vents between the bottom of the grill and the new front spoiler to aid air movement to the radiator/trans coolers/turbo intercooler. I did the same vent setup above the spoiler on the right side to funnel fresh air to the air filter stuffed in that corner. For added air flow to the air filter at wot, I used a vacuum door between the right front tire and the box the air filter sits in. In high vacuum situations, the door is shut to protect the air filter from road debris and possible water. At WOT, the door opens and gives extra fresh air for when the turbo is pulling the hardest. I'm not sure, but I might have owned this car for too long ! I cant stop tinkering, and I e run out of stuff to alter. I will try to figure out how to load some pics soon.
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