No ACC position on key switch (PICS)


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Apr 8, 2006
Hey guys, got a weird one. I took apart my steering column to tighten those reverse torque screws that loosen up on most chevys...

Anyways, was reassemblying and now my key wont turn back into the accesory (ACC) position. WTF? I dont have the column completley assembled yet, just to the part where I install the ignition switch.

Heres some pics. The first is what i think the Off/lock postion should be. The next pic is what i think the Acc postion should be. Am I right on this?

But when I put the key cylinder in, i turn it all the way back and can only get it to lock postion, and the gear is in the postion in the 2nd pic. I took the cover off and tried to turn the gear shaft back to see if it would move back anymore, it wouldnt.

If i take out the pins on the side of the column, i can get enought play in the column to turn the key back to ACC, but the whole column has to twist some to do this.

Been messing with this for days, its getting the best of me. Any ideas?


The 2nd pic is as far back as she goes


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Mar 1, 2003
Rockledge Pa
do you have the back linkage from the lower part of the colun to the transmission?? Sometimes you just have to move the outer sleeve of the colum to remove the key.


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Dec 14, 2011
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If what spoonLT1355 suggests isn't the problem,

Looks like you may not have the upper tilt pawls seated yet.Hard to tell, and unlikely since the plugs are in. Insert the tilt lever and snap the upper in more.

Have you replaced the ignition switch or cylinder? Some switches don't have the accessory feature. Some lock cylinders don't easily move to accessory, but you mentioned you tried without the cylinder in place.

Worse case scenario is the rod is not in the correct position in the rack on the side.