Not Car Related, Propane Tank Leasing vs Propane Tank Ownership

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    I am in the process of buying a house in Jackson County, NC. It is a 400 sq ft manufactured home with a LP stove and LP furnace. Presently it has a 100lb tank which was owned by the previous owner.

    There are some items out of code, e.g. rubber line to the tank, (should be metal line such as copper). Also the previous owners only used this place over the Summer so the existing 100lb tank was sufficient.

    I am planning on living there all year. The local supplier checked the LP system and made some recommendations such as replacing the valves so home delivery can be done and adding another 100lb tank. (I was suggested going to the local Lowes and getting another 100 tank and bring it to them to fit the valve and install the second tank.)

    I got information from NC on building codes and also was suggested leasing versus owning the tank. They are only good for 12 years and need to be recertified. Plus with the lease you don't have to be concerned with any failure. I would need to have someone come to the house to fix anything LP related.

    I would not consider being a lessee for a house or a car, but is there a good advantage to being a lessee for a propane tank?

    Would the contract cost to renting a tank be better?

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