Not Hot Women of Hollywood


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"Salma" is smoking hot, and love the new boobies!!!!!!!!!

Angelina is ugly, not SJP ugly, but not many are.
Julia is ugly, always has been.
Dakota would never have been my choice for that dirty girl movie.
Not ugly, but not even close to hot!!!!!!!!!!

Courtney has definitely not aged as well as Jennifer.
Jennifer is still good looking, Courtney lost it, that's for sure.

I will still never understand in a million years how SJP got on that sexy TV show, and how she is considered a sex symbol????
She is butt frigging UGLY.


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Jul 4, 2013
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When I was 19 and driving a truck, I was eating lunch at a roadhouse in Louisiana and a Goddess sat down across from me. We got to talking. I was a chubby feller and was enjoying it but I figured I didn't have a shot. She asked if I could buy her a sandwich and I said "sure". We got to talking and I figured I didn't have anything to lose and asked if she'd like to see a movie that evening. She agreed. When she got up to go to the ladies room, a guy across the room, about 6 foot 20 walked over and I'm thinking I've got problems. All he said was she like Whitman's samplers.

After a few days of dating her every night and working during the day, she suggested I move in and I wouldn't have to spend my per diem. I noticed all the steak knives were ground down to 4 inches or less. After a few weeks, I asked her if she'd ever thought about posing in playboy as she was a whole lot better looking than the gals in there. That's when she said she'd gotten a good offer but her parole office wouldn't let her.

That's when I found out she'd done time. I was thinking she'd wrote some bad checks or something. She'd caught her husband in bed with her cousin and she tried to carve him up. She did 2 out of 5 for ADW. After I found out, she asked me if I could get her a pistol or corn knife. I got myself transferred to North Dakota in late January to get away from her.

My current girl friend is best described as "plain" and I'm just fine with that.


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Aug 1, 1999
Julia, J-lo, Beyonce, all way over rated in my book.



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Feb 25, 2002
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ColdBastrd said:
I just saw this woman trending on the net and it got me thinking to make a thread.

Let's hear the women that Hollywood tries to convince us is hot but you don't think that they are.

Here is one of my picks....Dakota Johnson. They put her in that 50 Shades movie and try to pawn her off to us as hot and sexy but in my opinion.....


I'd hit it. I think she's sexy as hell.


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Oct 8, 2009
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I live at the beach . I see 1000 women every summer that look better than most Hollywood stars.

I don't care for the huge butt thing on women......I think hippo.....seems that's the way cars are built are extra wide with huge butts "trunks" tacked on the rear .

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