NOTE to NastyZ28 Members


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Feb 24, 2020
Thanks and yes I think although been a long road, we separated 2 years back in the end is best for everyone. I amazing how we grow and change along the way.

I am working on the tripleOtrading site and also have coming back to life so that is kind of exciting for sure. I need to speak with Mike on sponsorship here again with the new company.

Anyway anyone who needs to reach me am here anytime 423 321 2615 Heather and I went yet another round in court Thursday and I am sorry to say I can no longer continue to support her in any manner. Her FFF rating via the BBB and lack of follow through on my severance package I am now forced to simply tel folks to look at options. It is a shame a company I spent a 20 year career with is going down that road.
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Brad Burris

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Nov 27, 2018
I remember when I bought my 1980 Z, back in 2008. Once I found FBody Warehouse I was set. Pete, you were very helpful and a wealth of knowledge when I needed it most. Good luck Pete and thank you.