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    I've been all over the world and I have to agree with Dorothy when she said "there's no place like home"

    I was born and raised in Philadelphia. I grew up in the city and when I was 18 my parents moved out to the suburbs where I lived another 2 years while I went to college. After 2 years of college I dropped out and joined the Marines. I ended up serving 20 years.

    While on active duty I married a girl from home and when I retired we both knew we wanted to be back home in the Philly area. We now live about an hour north of the city in a nice home on an acre of land. We back up to a state park and regularly have deer, fox, and wild turkey in our back yard less than 10 feet from our house.

    My kids attend an award winning school district and have really made a lot of good friends. My wife and I have a small group of families that we have become friendly with and we get together regularly at each other's houses for "happy hour's". I also rekindled my relationship with a few car guys that I knew growing up and together we have a nice collection of Musclecars. We go to cruises and a few shows together, help each other out with projects, share and lend tools, ect.

    My wife and I both have good jobs and while we are not wiping our asses with $100 bills, we aren't hurting either. I consider life to be good and I'm not overly concerned that my $100.00 is worth $110.00 or $89.00 depending on which way I drive.
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    The trouble comes when $100 worth of labor is only worth $56 in a particular area.
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    All things are relative.
    My home is in one of the poorest counties in California but rich in history and tourism being the home of Yosemite National Park but the wages in the County are for poo. Just a few hours west is the San Francisco Bay Area with some of the highest wages in the US, some would argue THE highest wages in the US. The Bay Area also boasts the highest home prices along with New York and LA.

    The value of your dollar is directly associated with the effort it takes to earn it as well as what it will buy you in a given area.

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