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    Couldnt find an AC forum so I am posting here.
    77 Z28 with original 350.
    My AC sprung a leak a few years ago. Car is all original and I dont want to change to anything aftermarket. System is currently R12 and I do have freon, however I can find anyone that is willing to do R12 work. They all want to convert it to aftermarket. I do much of my own work but am not good with the AC stuff. Anyone know a shop in the Dallas area willing to keep everything OE? Suggestions?
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    You don't need much for tools to do it yourself.

    Where is the leak and what needs to be replaced?

    I wouldn't even consider a rebuilt A6 compressor unless it has a long-term warranty AND has the new style double lip seal.)
    Those damn things always leaked oil and I decided to replace it even though it still worked well and made no nasty noises.

    There are a couple of companies which fabricate replacement hoses and they can sell you a compressor which doesn't require bracket mods.

    If you open the system… You need to replace the accumulator, and orifice tube along with any other leaking parts.

    The only real PITA part to replace is the factory evaporator.
    The compressor, hoses, condenser and accumulator and orifice tube are relatively simple to remove and replace.

    Any place which does any A/C work can evacuate the system after you reassemble it so all you need to do is recharge it with your own R12.

    I'm replacing my entire A/C system this Winter and staying with R12.
    (Pro6Ten compressor, factory sytle condenser, hoses, accumulator and factory evaporator.)

    Warning.... The OE parts are not cheap.
    I had to replace my evaporator (due to a leak) so I went "all in" on the job and the parts OE style parts alone set me back about $1000.
    That's less than a Vintage air system and doesn't require you to modify the firewall or disassemble the entire dash.

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