OER Interior Paint - Camel Tan for 1978 over black original


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Nov 6, 2014
Minneapolis, MN
I know SEM interior paint seems to be the go to for many and that was what I had intended to use on my little project. Because of inventory issues where I was putting an order together from that wasn't available but the OER brand was. I had found good reviews online for the color I needed so I figured I'd give it a shot.

Back in 1987 my console hinge broke and I also needed to cover my nasty cracked lid with some sweet brown shag carpet to get by. I ordered a new inner console box and lid back in 1987, OE GM parts were available at the time (got lucky there). They sat in the box and were never installed before I put it into storage. Last year when I got it back on the road I slid them out of the GM box and installed them. The lid is black so I needed to dye it to match my Camel Tan.

A little different from the SEM process that has more steps to it with a soap, prep, dye and possibly a sealer. The OER is just a prep cleaner and the dye. I was a little skeptical that the lighter tan was going to cover the black very well. But so far it really looks great.

- What I used. I wiped it down with the prep cleaner at full strength and then just rinsed well with a water saturated lint-free towel. My part was very clean and almost new, I think an older part may need more of a scrubbing with the prep cleaner to make sure it is really clean.


- Made sure to tape off the metal slide/stop as it is visible when the door is open.


- After one light coat. The picture makes it look like it is covered better than it actually was. They want light coats with about 10 minutes in between.


- After the 3rd and final coat.



- Installed in the car. It was in the garage with poor lighting so the light source is a LED flashlight. I'll update if it looks different outside in natural light. The whole process for me was only about an hour and I think it turned out great. I have plenty of product left to touch up my back side panels that were scuffed up a little while in storage.


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