one more fender thread

cisco 1

Apr 14, 2019
i asking about company quality control . one side ok and the otter side a total scrap .
i have 2 goodmark fender . passager side finish nice but had to fill weld top fender gap , reshape the round section in middle cuting and reweld back fender lip , but it did finish very nice and super strait .

driver side was a fuking mess . i weld the gap all the way , reshape the round section up down by cutting and welding back lip but they were a round balloon from front to back in nid lower section near door gap ... did try fixing it but now a declare it scrap . every part of it need repair .

if i by new goodmark can i be lucky to have a nice one or maybe a bad one again . pasenger was nice , had to put time in it but it did finish super nice

AMD is pricy here and i alredy have a 327$ bended trunk , fit is horrible , i will have to cut and reweld trunk hinge to lower one side that is way to high. speed shop order new one and it also bended badly in shiping . i will have to by one more . so not realy hapy about AMD , might try goodmark again .


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Jan 12, 2005
It still sucks and its twice the price with covid tax
When you buy brake pads sometimes they give you a small pouch of lube, maybe they should include that with eveything post covid


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Jan 12, 2005
cisco I found that the fenders seem to be out either at the fender to mask point or the bottom. Ive also seen them fit like a glove.

vas.jpeg This usually is required when purchasing during covid...:D


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May 16, 2007
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Have you searched your version of our "craigslist"?I find if you post up a "wanted to buy"or "looking for" in the for sale sections,people sometimes come off of things they wouldnt normally list.You might have some OEMs laying around in someones shed up there.