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Discussion in 'Body Restoration' started by Henrykjr, Dec 8, 2019.

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    I'll just throw this out there. (Understand that my car isn't a trailer queen, and as long as it's still a pretty cool car, I don't care if it's perfect. Haters gonna hate)

    My Camaro is metallic paint. I went to the local CVS and bought a bottle of nail polish that matched the car almost perfectly, (millions of colors to choose from here...just go to another store). You can brush it on and the flake lays like it does when sprayed. I spent $2.50 to fix the chips in my car, no taping involved.'s not perfect, but from 5 feet, you can't see it either. I have a bottle of scanned and mixed touch up paint and hardener sitting in my basement for for over 5 years, and haven't touched it. Spent $35 on it.
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    Sep 8, 2015
    WOW, that still looks amazing COPO. I did many Centari jobs with Clear Coat early on in my career due to colour position availability and the fact of the clear adding in the protection on top.

    If my memory serves me well, I used 757 balancing clear with the 758s drier with 793s activator in the last coat of many solid paint jobs. If the customer wanted a true base clear but the formula was not available, I used the 792s activator, gave it a bake cycle, and cleared it with 7500/8500 DuPont clear, this may be what you have on your car.

    I also used to use this last process for "sandwich" blend & repairs on old Centari paint jobs & spot repairs, worked amazing back then...crap, this makes me feel old now...:(
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    For very fine chips, like sand blasting I have good luck with wiping the surface with a matching paint and then carefully buffing it with a diaper cloth type rag damp with reducer. The idea is the paint only settles in the pits.

    I think this is similar to Dr. Color chips process.
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    I did my Corvette's original paint over the past year, filling the chips and then leveling and hand polishing the areas.
    If you have original lacquer you are not shooting for 100% perfection because in order to achieve that you are likely to damage the surrounding paint -
    IF you shoot for a 30-50% improvement in the chip or scratch etc at the MACRO level (1 foot away) ... the gain in overall appearance from 10 feet will be in the 80% range.

    Maybe 3 feet away - CURRENTLY
    When I got the car
    From about 1 FOOT away

    When I got the car
    Current - this is probably the worst single area on the entire car... the door was opening into a wall and flexed the fiberglas and paint.
    When I got it

    Projects like this ARE MY FAVORITE to work on... the difference is so amazing - the former owner asked if I painted it... lol HELL NO IT's ORIGINAL PAINT!

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