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    May 9, 2020
    I was reading through some older threads and was reminded of an old trick my father taught me for a parts washer.
    Take an old speaker magnet (or other good size magnet), drop it into one of the wife's old stockings, tie a knot in it and place near the bottom of the parts washer tank.
    Any loose metal pieces are attracted to the magnet and every once in a while you remove the magnet from the stocking and throw out the stocking. The metal is all on the stocking and not permanently stuck to the magnet.

    Hope this helps someone!
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    Feb 12, 2011
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    similar issue but different application.....As a Tool & Die & Mold maker for 30 yrs it is pretty common to get metal slivers EVERYWHERE. One thing i would do to get metal out of an EYE...
    put a kleenEX over a magnet and wipe around my eye...Then evaluate the kleenEX under the scope or with an eye loop ;)
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