PDR Fixing a SUBARU Rear Qtr


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Nov 3, 2015
Thats pretty impressive. i need some of that glue he uses to put those hook thingys on the body.

We had someone kinda drop a 2x10 across the hood of one of our trucks. I was told to get a new hood, get it painted.....etc. (probably to the tune of $1700- $1900) I told my boss to slow down a bit, let one of the guys in the shop out back that has some body work experience see what he can do. Got it 90% back in shape with a $20 suctin cup, and 98% of the way there with a hammer and dolly.


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Mar 2, 2001
I'll have to watch that video. My Cutlass is on the wayside until I get some steady flow of money. The drivers side is creased along the body lines after it rolled down the hill (long story, sucks). It has been my daily and I had to get a CRV which I don't regret with the terrain. It needs work but it won't be a show car.


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Aug 1, 1999
Pretty amazing to see the creases worked out too. I wonder what that would cost?


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Feb 12, 2011
atlanta, ga
That guy is WELL above avg in the PDR world. FWIW that dent would be about $700. I had a guy do the wifes van yrs back... nasty fender dent. (basketball goal fell on it) he was $450 including a few door dings....took about 3 hrs. Another buddy had his 66 Chevelle "tuned up"..some dings n stuff... cost him $500 but it is really nice.