Performance street SBC build

Harry coyne

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Mar 17, 2018
Your car is what you want it to
View attachment 129469 I have a question here.. Will this car be a daily driver? or your "weekend" fun car????
The advice here reminds me of my youth when we would read "hot rod" and spend ALL of our 'afterschool" job money at our local Performance shop.. Hot Rod magazines recommendations were NOT the best for our ONLY cars we needed for daily transportation and getting caught in "MOmmys" car was an outright disgrace... They made terrible daily drivers and we spent alot of nights and weekends keeping them running so we could get to school......

A picture of my High School daily driver.. Lots of cold nights in my parents car port under this car instead of with a warm woman.....LOL[/QUOTe

your car is what you want it to be. Unless you built a rocket for the drag strip then you should be ok as daily driver, if can on todays prices. I ran a 69 442 and then a Camaro SS 327 everyday. I I had a picture somewhere after smoking the tires, once it cleared I took off and tires were about an inch off road, and that was at my school. If you build a good solid motor you can have both. You may not beat everybody at the strip, but you’ll be able to drive to the strip, let her cool down for an hour or so and she will take care of you


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Sep 8, 2015
I have that very motor in my 77 Z28, are you telling me I can get 400+ horsepower by just swapping the cam? Was looking at options to increase horsepower, sounds like this is the most bang for the bucks…

Yep, and the bang for the buck is very good I might say. Last one on the dyno made 392HP after the tune up, and that's out of the crate that morning, NO cam change !!

I'll ask my build partner what cam he used, he's done about 5060 Crates, so he has good data.

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