Phone Games: Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes//Marvel//Brawl Stars

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    Anyone else play these routinely?

    Since I've been deployed, I've been playing them in my down time at night.

    Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
    This is a turn-based strategy action game based off Star Wars story and characters. Player v player and player v computer content. You don't need to "Pay to play". Patience will get you there, just takes longer. Very good "end-game" content. Guilds. My brother got me into this about a year ago, and I've been playing it daily.

    Almost a spitting image of the SWGOH game above, but with Marvel story and characters. Just recently found this, and enjoy it mainly because the play-style is nearly identical to SWGOH so I didn't have to learn a whole lot of new style.

    Brawl Stars
    Lots of fun, player v player mostly. Live action capture the flag, last man standing, team match, etc. Matches aren't more than 3 minutes each, so the time goes quick. You can do guilds and friends, etc. Good stuff, can get your adrenaline going in some of the close matches.

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