Pics of my new TKX box...


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Mar 12, 2013
Harleysville, Pa
My Magnum came strapped to a pallet, although i also received the clutch pkg, bell, & hydraulics from Hurst. The box it came in couldn't have been any heavier construction, and was made to fit the trans perfectly. If you could have picked it up and shook it, it wouldn't have moved an inch. That was 6 years ago however.


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Oct 28, 2020
Denver, NC
don't be jumping on tremec if your not sure of what your saying, I've got several TKXs and not one has been damaged, the boxes are reinforced and the trans are strapped down and if you buy it from a tremec dealer such as Silver Sport they tell you do not accept it if the box is at all damaged, why buy it from Summit who gets it from a dealer, shipped from dealer to summit to you, doesn't make a bit of sense and then blame tremec for poor packaging oh yea Silver Sport sends you pictures of the trans boxed up before it is shipped, you must have complained very loud for Summit to replace it...on the upside you will love it in the Camaro when you get it installed


Nov 24, 2019
Too expensive to ship like that. Thats ridiculous. Although my Richmond Super Street wasnt shipped in a crate it looks like it was wrapped in plastic and was surrounded in expanding foam which was pretty hard. No part of my trans was anywhere near the box sides. And it took some doing to get into the expanded foam. It was encased.
Good luck with the new trans!


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Aug 14, 2020
I ended up going today, Tuesday, instead of Monday.. Left my home at 4:50 this am and got home at 7:30 tonite and I am beat.. I spent $100 on Diesel, put almost 900 miles on my truck, but I have a MUCH better transmission sitting in my living room tonite ( benefit of being single )...
Thought I would make better drive time but there was a wreck south of Macon,GA. and the "real" Bentley liked the smells at the rest areas way too much, so we spent too much time at these....LOL
Update and some pics tomorrow.... View attachment 128434
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Aug 14, 2020
Here is the new transmission... Looks great, but after looking inside the box, these are all flimsy pieces of Carboard inside and based on my 1st one, they will disintegrate quickly with any Rough handling... In a perfect world, it would be OK, we all know it is NOT a perfect world... Tremec needs to step up and do a better job of packaging, IMO.....
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Aug 14, 2020
Z28Bob, I originally ordered from 'one" of Tremecs dealers.. They did not call me back in 10 days, then when I called them, the line was dropped.... I figured they didn't want my business, or they lost my phone number.. In all fairness to this dealer ( no names) they are highly rated by everyone and I think my experience was rare, but I am retired and I just don't have any patience lately....LOL You get used to NO jerk boss, NO whiney employees, and NO dip sheet customers after a while.....

I then ordered from summit ( went online, clicked the boxes and BOOM, ordered) mainly because I was going to will call the transmission based on numerous reports I had seen online about damage ( see the link on the above post) and Summit was the closest dealer to me.... I got lazy and had it shipped..

To anyone else ordering a TKX, (Not sure how the magnum 6 speeds are packed) I would try to will call it.. If shipped to you, OPEN the box and inspect it, NO MATTER how nice the exterior box looks.. I would refuse it and send it back if its been tossed around in anyway... Let Tremec, UPS, and whoever you buy it from battle it out.. I feel I was lucky with Summits " handshake" return policy, with this purchase...

As to Summits service about this/ Absolutely the BEST service I have had since I can remember..
I went online and filled out the return/exchange form, then called to ask about "reserving" another transmission for a Will Call " exchange" in a few days.. The very nice " knew what she was doing" lady who helped me said NO problem, I had 7 working days to pick it up...
When I got to Summits Georgia facility, I went inside to "returns", ( I had the exchange/return and the new transmission order #s) (no printer at my home.) I did bring the receipt that was shipped with the trans... Another young fella looked up the the exchange/return #s I had and asked where I was parked.... They rolled out a lift to get the old tranny, took it inside, put the NEW trans on the lift, made sure I opened the box to inspect it, rolled it out to my truck, helped me load it and I was on my way..

I feel Summit should get some kudos from me......
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Dec 7, 2014
That's the same box my TKO came in from SST. I actually thought it was a pretty nifty box. When staples and taped, it was quite sturdy. Definitely not up to being dropped without sacrificing itself though. I like the pallet/crate idea, but the cardboard could probably cushion a decent drop without hurting the contents, whereas a more solid box would pass the shock on to the contents.

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