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POOR! Customer Service


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Dec 9, 2009
Gordon from Jacksonville Fl
I love RA, never had any problems with them, just did 2 headlights on M-I-L 2011 Fit, $226 for a pair that fit perfectly. And they e-mail me links for all my vehicles of supplier closeout parts on sale. Bought a bunch of Bosch $20 wiper blades for Explorer and Escape for about $4 each. Got FOMOC struts for Explorer and Escape that way to, saved like $100 over there low prices using the closeout parts (per strut)


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Aug 1, 2020
Burlington, Ontario
I've ordered a few times from rock, and it's been pretty good, so far. The one criticism I have is that their shipping prices are utterly out to lunch. I am in Canada, and don't know if that makes the difference, but that has discouraged many,many more ordered from me.


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Jul 26, 2008
Houston, TX
In their defense, shipping rates are through the roof, like everything. Shipping to Canada is will only add to that pain. I ship items almost everyday (mostly 0-3 lbs range) and shipping rates have increased substantially.


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Feb 19, 2000
Just my recent experience. I ordered 2 lift supports (last 2 from what the site said) for my 00 Z24 convertible. Got the email they were shipped and expected delivery date. The day came and no parts. Next day get another email notifying me that DHL had returned the parts to them and they were refunding my $$$. I've purchased stuff before from them and had no problem so curious why the problem this time...???

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