Post a *PIC* of your latest purchase...

muscl car

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Jul 8, 2001
Gallatin Tennessee
Cleaned up the vintage buck 110 I bought at a thrift store.


Very nice Jeff !!

I've still got my Buck Knive's classic that was given to me by a Buck Knive's executive back in 1991 when the company was located in El Cajon , San Diego Ca

I was a tow truck driver back then and helped this executive after he was involved in a traffic accident . He was so happy and thankful for what I did he invited me to their showroom and got to pic out my knife for free


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Jul 15, 2008
Waynesburg Kentucky
2017-02-04 18.04.59.jpg
Been kicking myself since I parted with mine back in 81. Moved on to Gpz's.
Saw this little jewel on Ebay and said why not. One owner bike with 7k original miles. Sat for 30 years after a little mishap. I've got her down to bare frame and am bringing her back to like new.
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Thought I'd update.

cali cruzer

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Mar 24, 2002
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^^^^ Thanks for reminding me to pick up another couple of 22LR bricks.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Picked these 2 items up for less than $10....:)
OWB holster for Lisa. Crossfire Edge Spark Holster and a brand new Simmons 22 Mag 4x32 scope to put on the Savage 64 FXP



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Dec 24, 2013
tucson az
No pics but just ordered a set of American racing torque thrust D 15x7 and 15x8s. Can't believe how cheap these have become. $400 a set. Summit price matched amazon with free shipping. Jim